Welcome to the official site of Austin-Tindall Park!

Our site provides live weather updates, to help you be prepared.


In order to keep the Austin-Tindall Park well-maintained, please abide by the following requests:

  • Prior bookings are required for any field use.
  • All motor vehicles shall remain on designated roadways and parking areas.
  • Pets are strictly forbidden in the complex.
  • Minors are to be supervised at all times and are not to be left alone at the complex without supervision.
  • The consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden in the complex.
  • Glass containers of any kind are strictly forbidden in the complex.
  • Soccer goals and nets are to be used only for their designated purpose. Do not climb or swing on goals and nets.
  • No outside food or beverage allowed.
  • No foul language.
  • Drones and any other flying objects are strictly forbidden on the property.

These rules are to ensure your safety and that of your fellow user. We appreciate your cooperation and ask that you help keep the complex clean and put litter in its place.

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